Construction and operation of the line light-rail transit (light rail) in Almaty

The key idea and purpose of the project is to provide the public (passengers) with high-quality service by means of passenger transportation on a light rail, thereby improving the urban ecology.

Objectives of the project:

  • Organization of passenger transportation process by a light rail transit (LRT)
  • Organization of the transport hub in the western part of the city: a new bus station, subway terminal station, LRT terminal station
  • Organization of a high-speed transport network
  • “Green wave” creation for the purpose of light rail speed management– 21,62km/hr
  • Industry: Transport Infrastructure
  • Region: Almaty city
  • Type of investment: project from scratch
  • Implementation period: 2017-2019 years
  • Type of goods/services produced: Public Transport Services

Initiator of the project:

  • Cost of the project - 520 million USD
  • Projected annual production (quantity/ unit measurement).The volume of passenger traffic for 2018-2022-2017 years (1st, 2nd, 10th years of exploitation) 23,0 – 30,6 – 40,1mln. people
  • Trade market: Almaty city
  • Project efficiency factors:
  • Payback period - 120 months
  • NPV finance indicator – 202,362,162 USD
  • IRR finance indicator -  9%
  • Investor participation in the project: Investment


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