Entry Visa for Kazakhstan

    To enter the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan it is necessary to obtain a visa for most foreign citizens. Visa is being issued by Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan all over the world after issuance of Visa support (support invitation letter), which is framed in established order of legislation’s of Kazakhstan Republic.

The types and categories of visas

  • Non-immigrant:
  • Diplomatic - "A1", "A2" and "A3";
  • The service - "B1", "B2" and "B3";
  • Investor - "C1" and "C2";
  • Business - «D1», «D2», «D3», «D4», «D5», «D6», «D7» and «D8»;
  • Missionary - «E1», «E2» and «E3»;
  • Tourism - «F1»;
  • Private - «G1», «G2», «G3» and «G4»;
  • Transit - «H1»;
  • Immigration:
  • permanently - «J1», «J2» and «J3»;
  • Family reunification - «K1», «K2», «K3»;
  • Education - «L1» and «L2»;
  • The implementation of work - «M1», «M2», «M3», «M4» and «M5»;
  • Humanitarian motives - «N1» and «N2»;
  • Exit: «P1», «P2», «P3», «P4», «P5», «P6», «P7» and «P8».

The general visa processing procedure

    To obtain Visa support it is necessary to provide the following information: name, date of birth and place of birth, passport number with issue and expiry dates, country of citizenship, nationality, the address of residence, place of work and position, home/work phone number, place where a visa will be applied, period of stay in Kazakhstan, number of entries in Kazakhstan, place of stay in Kazakhstan, trip details (flight number or train, date of arrival and departure). 

List of documents for visa applying in Kazakhstan Embassy/Consulate:

1) Valid passport (passport validity must extend at least three (3) months beyond the length of proposed stay in Kazakhstan) or international travel document;

2) Two passport sized photographs (4 cm x 5 cm);

3) A copy of the Visa support, specifying the purpose of the trip and guaranteeing financial support during the trip;

4) A receipt of paid consular fee;

5) A filled in visa application form, completed and signed (you can get it from the diplomatic representatives or download it from the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan – – or from the website of the diplomatic representatives, if there is any).

Additional documents may be required at the place. 




In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 26, 2015 № 483 citizens of the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, France, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Monaco, Singapore, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Japan are exempt from visa requirements for visits up to 15 calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border between July 16, 2015 to December 31, 2017.

During this period, the citizens of these 10 countries possessing valid diplomatic, official and national passports, can reenter, exit and follow the transit through the territory of Kazakhstan without a visa for up to 15 calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border. If there is a legitimate need for further stay, more than 15 days on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, , it will be necessary to receive a visa category:  “Investor” – «C1» and «C2» or “Business” - «D1», «D2», «D3», «D4», «D5», «D6», «D7» and «D8» in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan respectively .

NOTE! List of documents, terms and dates of Visa preparation and Consular fees may be changed according to the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulations.

The type and category of visa must conform to the purpose of stay visa recipient in Republic of Kazakhstan. 

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