If you want to shop at the best brand boutique in the mall with big climbing wall and fountains or in the colorful local market where you can bargain with the sellers, whatever you choose, everything you can find in the business capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

There are dozen major shopping centers in Almaty where you can find a wide variety of products like brand clothes and shoes, the latest collections of the most famous fashion designers, cosmetics and perfumes, toys for children, the latest developments and techniques for everyday and home use, decorations and unique items made of gold and silver. Here you can buy unique and exclusive clothes, and not only from the world's leading brands, but also from young, emerging designers of Kazakhstan.

It is not surprisingly, because in Almaty, there is a huge number of modern boutiques, shopping malls and stores that offer a wide range of exclusive fashion items for every taste and budget. Here are located numerous shopping centers, boutiques and department stores where you can buy not only fashionable and exquisite clothes, but also stunning porcelain, crystal and glass, as well as rare books, coins and musical instruments.

Here are some of the best shopping centers, shops and markets, which are located in the Southern capital of Kazakhstan.

"MEGA Alma-Ata" - the largest shopping and entertainment center in Kazakhstan was opened in 2006/ it is a favorite place for residents and visitors alike. The center has food supermarket, hardware store, more than one hundred boutiques of famous brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Calvin Klein and La Senza, huge food court, an eight screens multiplex cinema , climbing wall, ice rink, a children's entertaining park, bowling and much more.


"Esentai Mall" – is a modern shopping mall, offering a wide selection of goods and services. There are boutiques such world famous boutiques like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada and Gucci. Also there are always opened entertainment center, cafes, restaurants, art center. Moreover there is has a new cinema IMAX, which presents movies in English, which is very pleasing for foreign guests hence they will not miss the premiere of movies.


"Dostyk Plaza" – is a new large-scale, advanced shopping and entertainment center of the Southern capital, established by the leader in the investment and development company TS Development. It is also important that the layout of the center was planned by British architects from «Benoy» company, the authors of one of the best Europe's shopping centers - «Westfield» in London. The construction was made from the most quality materials from Europe.

   Boutiques and malls of the city offer a wide range of products, besides they are attractive and interesting just to have a walk.

In numerous boutiques and shops Almaty are qualified sales consultants who are friendly to customers and are always happy to help in choosing clothes and accessories to satisfy customer’s needs.

Very popular among the guests of Almaty is “Green Bazaar" opened mareket. Where you can buy almost anything you want for reasonable prices. In this market, as well as in others, it is possible to bargain; hence it means it is possible to reset the original price in almost two times.

Kazakhstan is famous for unusual souvenirs made of felt, wool, wood and other natural materials. And in fact, here in Almaty, you can buy not only all the usual souvenirs, but also truly unique household items and even luxury ones. Traditionally styled silver jewelry is great present for friends and relatives. Jewelry has a unique sophistication; precious stones with bizarre shapes in luxurious composition capture the imagination of visitors. Intricate patterns on shawls and stoles made of natural fabrics will delight fashionistas.

Almaty is famous for its incredible scenery of high mountains, so in the top of the souvenirs carpets featuring luxurious mountain scenery are included. Carpets are represented by different models, sizes and colors.

Kazakhstan is famous for its incredibly delicious food and sweets. If you try them once it will be hard to forget the delicious flavor. Sweets of "Rakhat” brand got the hearts of thousands people all over the world. Many fans call them the most delicious chocolate in the universe.

Also you cannot resist the traditional dishes like ‘manty’ or not to buy a couple of boxes of ‘kurt’ and bottles of flavored ‘kumys’ and ‘shubat’.

Shopping in Almaty is not only an opportunity to purchase exclusive and high-quality products at nice price, but it is also a great chance to get an unforgettable experience and a lot of fun during the shopping.



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