Soild household waste

Modern methods of solid household waste management


Project is constituted of the construction of the following facilities in Almaty: Plant for Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and new Sanitary Landfill. Project is aimed to the improvement quality and reliability of waste removal services and compliance with environmental standards.


Advantages of the new waste management system:


  1. New enterprise comprising the unified facilities for waste treatment (MBT Plant) and disposal (new sanitary landfill)
  2. Increase of biogas production and consequent maximizing of “green” electricity generation
  3. WWTP sludge utilization
  4. Minimizing the needs in land plots for the sludge lagoons
  5. Maximizing the production of compost with the relatively higher quality


Construction and operation of the line light-rail transit (light rail) in Almaty

  • Objectives of the project:

    • Organization of passenger transportation process by a light rail transit (LRT)
    • Organization of the transport hub in the western part of the city: a new bus station, subway terminal station, LRT terminal station
    • Organization of a high-speed transport network
    • “Green wave” creation for the purpose of light rail speed management– 21,62km/hr
    • Industry: Transport Infrastructure
    • Region: Almaty city
    • Type of investment: project from scratch
    • Implementation period: 2017-2019 years
    • Type of goods/services produced: Public Transport Services

    Initiator of the project:

    • Cost of the project - 520 million USD
    • Projected annual production (quantity/ unit measurement).The volume of passenger traffic for 2018-2022-2017 years (1st, 2nd, 10th years of exploitation) 23,0 – 30,6 – 40,1mln. people
    • Trade market: Almaty city

Project efficiency factors:

    • Payback period - 120 months
    • NPV finance indicator – 202,362,162 USD
    • IRR finance indicator -  9%
    • Investor participation in the project: Investment

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