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List of Investment preferences

According to Law on Investments of Republic of Kazakhstan investors are entitled to:


  1. Preferences for projects (including priority investment projects):


  • Exemption from customs taxation for import of spare parts to the manufacturing equipment, raw stock and (or) materials;
  • The maximum size of the public in-kind grant of not more than thirty percent of the volume of investment in fixed assets of legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (Land, buildings, structures, machinery and equipment, computers, measuring and control devices and equipment, vehicles, industrial and household equipment).


  1. Preferences for priority investment projects*:


  • tax subsidies: corporate income tax – 0 % for 10 years; tax on land – 0% for 10 years; tax on property – 0 % for 8 years;
  • Investment subsidy is provided by compensation of up to 30 percent of the actual expenses for installation and construction works and equipment acquisition;
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan guarantees the stability of the agreements concluded between the investors and the public authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan: attraction by the investor of foreign labour on the signed investment contract;
  • "One stop" principle for the investor - the centralized form of assistance to the investors realizing priority investment projects, from the authorized body in providing state services;
  • The authorized body renders assistance to investors in providing the guaranteed order from the interested legal entities according to the investment contract signed between the authorized body and the investor.


* Criteria for priority investment projects:

  • corresponds to the list of priority activities (approved by the Government);
  • newly created legal entity that carries out investments at a rate of not less than two million-fold size of the monthly calculated rate established by the law of republican budget.

For ensuring protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the investors, the investment


  • considers addresses of investors on issues arising during the implementation of investment activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan and gives recommendations for their solution, including interacting with government bodies;
  • renders assistance to the investors in solution of issues arising by extrajudicial and pre-judicial procedures;
  • develops and brings in the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan recommendations on improvement of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All enquiries regarding investment preferences should be addressed to Investment Committee of Ministry of investment and development.


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