One of most delightful and beloved pleasures, which only few of us can resist- delectable food.

In the south capital any cuisine could be experienced to the fullest, during which easily amazes both connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Almaty stands as a city, which have built its own unique cooking identity shaped by wide variety of cuisines from all over the world. Local fine dining establishments are receiving accolades not only for the traditional national cuisine, but for the taste of delicious Italian pasta and pizza, Japanese sushi, French oysters, Ukrainian borsch, American hamburgers and much more.  

We are pleased to introduce variety of restaurants, cafes, pubs and cafeterias for any existing palates.


National cuisine



«Zhety Kazyna»   welcomes with commodious hall and interior designs rooted in Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Chinese national traditional decorative styles and motifs. Vested in right to be main representative of national cuisine, the restaurant truly developed once elusive concept of Kazakh fine dining. Restaurant has distinctive feature- three different restaurants arranged under one roof: «Chi», «Caramel» and «Zhety Kazyna».


Adresss: Almaty, Abylai Khan Avenue, 58 A.




«TUBETEIKA»- restaurant chain located in Almaty and acclaimed as a delicious Kazakh and Uzbek ethnic casual dining establishment. Up-scale decoration delivers warm and friendly atmosphere.

Address: Almaty, Samal-1 micro district (neighborhood unit), 4



 «Alasha» is located at the base of mountain en route to famous «Medeu» ice rink.  Guests are offered a host of national dish variety.  Restaurant completes its ethnic culinary with performances in the ethnic style to reassure full immerse into peculiar culture of the region.


Address: Almaty, Ospanov St., 20

European cuisine



«El Mirador» is a three level fine dining, each floor is featuring distinctive individual style. «EL Miradot » menu is composed of finest dishes of European cuisine with skills to reveal their beloved bouquet of flavors. Every evening main hall is hosting professional musicians to create blend of versatile and fascinating experiences.


Address: Almaty, Dostyk Avenue, 168/2



«Entrecote» —

is a comfortable casual dining chain with imperative of serving most delicious dishes the European cuisine has to offer.  Establishments are perfectly suited for any banquets and ceremonial dinners, in addition to being excellent place for family to dine in a harmony and pleasure of tasting finest food.  At lunch time Entrecote is offering rich table d’hote for moderate prices. Moreover, each restaurant has cozy patio.


Адрес:  г.Алматы, пр. Абая, 46а

Italian cuisine



«Parmigiano»- is a delicacy heaven of Italian cuisine in a snug comforts orchestrated by Chef Glacomo Colombu. Restaurant is located on Ospanov St., near the «Royal Tulip Almaty» hotel. Restaurant is having pleasure in providing genuine hookah menu for favoring adventurous nature of combining exemplary culinary traditions and styles. Restaurant diverse program is presented by pianists, live music, DJ sets and at weekend animators born to entertain little guests.


Address: Almaty, Ospanov St., 24



«Pomodoro» is a classic Italian café, absorbed the essentials of Italian cuisine: harmony, fresh products and good spirits. Since «Pomodoro» imperative is to be authentic Italian café, the responsibility for palate harmony is assumed by specialist in such matters Geargio Palazzi, fresh products is provided via direct supplies from Italy, while being in cheerful mood is natural state of mind in the café only to leave later with pleasant aftertaste.


Address: Almaty, Panfilov St., 108



«Del Papa»- is a comfortable restaurant chain in the Italian style, delivering the silence and friendliness of atmosphere of narrow Italian streets to the heart of Almay. Restaurants are serving bona fide tagliatelle, ravioli or, for instance, chapatti in a home-like environment. Don Antonio Lafuria is personally supervises the cooking process to make sure the deliverances of authentic and popular in Italy pasta types, pizzas, salads and desserts.


Address: Almaty, Buhar Zhyrau St., 66; Kabanbay Batyra St. , 83

Oriental Cuisine



«The Noodles» is located at Abay Avenue, inside hotel «Kazakhstan».  Guests are offered to try the tastes of Oriental cosine. During a lunch time the moderately priced table d’hote are offered. Besides, it is equipped with patio.


Address: Almaty, Dostyk Av., 52/2


«Korean House»- is a part of Korean identity and heritage inasmuch as a home for the cuisine it is delighted to help anyone to discover. As a guest you can open yourself to the Korean royal court cuisine in a form of surasang setting whereby traditions and practices are survived through centuries, or try classic dishes Hansik, which still are one of keystones to good health and long life of Korean people.


Address: Almaty, Gogol St. 2; Kabanbai Batyra St., 92/87.



«Manga Sushi»- one of kind sushi-bar for a peculiar approach in all ways, especially towards its customers, while staying enthusiastic in following principles: haute cuisine, perfect service, reasonable pricing policy and omnipresent positive energy. Sushi-chefs in the establishment are seeing themselves as artists with befitting motto: «We are composing sushi for you». Interior is another vital creative component in an approach to be artistic amalgam of Manga animation and Japanese design traditions.


Address: Almaty, Gogol St., 201/92



«Sumo-San». Sushi-bar is appealing to customers by virtue of pleasant interior and cozy atmosphere in the Japanese style to enhance delicious sushi-roll and aromatic tea experience. Even separate room is designated specifically for tea ceremonies.


Address: Almaty, Baitursynov St., 159

Russian Cuisine



«Traktyr medved» is a tavern specialized in cooking dishes of a Russian cuisine. Interior is skillfully reproducing the subtle décor of a Russian izba. Manifestation of very attributes of Russian bear: love for nature, warmth and good food.     


Address: Almaty, Kabanbay Batyra St., 140; Shepetkova St, 137




«U Afanasicha» is located in the upper part of the city. Nevertheless interior is creating feeling of being in a country style restaurant, emerged in the middle of a forest, near an ornamental lake. «U afansicha» cuisine is widely varied from Russian and Caucasian to Japanese and Italian, building an empire of taste.  


Address: Almaty, Dostyk Av., 123/8



«Line Brew Almaty» is offering its customers a broad selection of dishes from European and Oriental cuisines. Conceptual idea is elegant combination of East and West, intertwining European and oriental traditions. The concept has been utilized not only in interior design, but also in restaurant menu by incorporating traditional European beer establishments and practices of American cuisine.


Address: Almaty, Furmanova St., 187/A



«Crudo» is first European steak-house in Almaty. Served steak is simply great, just due to the fact of not losing its flavor identity or tenderness even in comparison to the best establishments in the USA and Europe. Equipped with wood-fired Josper oven and prime meat, steak house is serving such an important function as providing delicious steak to the city. In the Crudo choice is ranging from classic and alternative steaks to chicken and seafood courses. In a view of great selection of salads and hors d'oeuvres to accompany the steak, any customer is destined to have good feasting to the state of raw joy.


Address: Almaty, 17 Abay Avenue, 263 Rozybakieva St. 



«Favor Meat Club», a place of excellent service and great interior style to be almost prerequisite to the expression of meat passion in forms of steaks to be attracting followings of meat fans. The heartland meat itself is a staple of both restaurant and nomad culture- horse meat. You cannot get any closer to the heart of nomad people or embrace very essence of intertwined harmony of steppe and nomads at the same time within restaurant walls.  Front kitchen and real fire another pleasant stimuli to add to the overall experience.


Address: Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue, 45

Georgian cuisine



Daredzhani is cozy restaurant with limited capacity with purpose solely to bring concentrated excitement and pure joy of delicious Georgian cuisine shared by generous and congenial people of that proud Caucasian country. Ethos of the restaurant could be described only as relaxing and just right for such rich selection of Caucasian cuisine, culture and traditions discovered to the Almaty dwellers by the courtesy of head chef Demur Gadelia.


Address:    Almaty, 40/85 Kazybek Bi St., Dostyk Av., 71

Cafeterias and bakeries



«Traveler’s Coffee» - global coffeehouse chain, entered the Kazakhstan market over 15 years ago. Internally acclaimed for its bold and unique taste of carefully selected «Speciality coffee» beans, roasted in its own coffee roaster plant to assure the delivery of high quality coffee. Moreover, the coffeehouse brings delight of tasty exclusive desserts, natural French syrups, and extensive selection of tea to its customers among other great things to offer.


Address: Almaty, 137 Zheltoksan St.; 43 Kurmangazy St.; 244 Furmanov St.    




«Cafeteria» is distinguished by spacious and stylish interior designed specifically to deliver intriguing experience of immersing into the old Almaty. Interior per se almost encourages people to announce cafe as a cultural heritage of Almaty and to join coterie of creative individuals, not surprisingly easily found at this establishment, in having great or even aspiring time and food.       

Address: Almaty, 32 Baseitova St.



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